Art and Clarens go hand-in-hand

Art and Clarens go hand-in-hand

Our village is lucky to have several fantastic resident artists.

Meet local artists Lyn Hoyle & Simon Addy who first moved to Clarens in 1986.
Simon & Lyn fell in love with the village at first sight (as has happened to so many residents) closed their advertising agency in JHB and moved here ASAP to fulfil their dream of becoming full-time artists. It worked! Much to the amazement of their family & friends.
They were helped by Hannetjie de Clerq, Martin Wessels and Wouda Rosenzweig who were then the only other artists in this charming little village.
My, how we’ve grown!
Their art is firmly rooted in the Clarens surrounds.
The beautiful autumnal shades of the cliffs and landscape are reflected in both their work.
So with a little help from friends and a lot of red wine, the Addy Hoyle Gallery came into existence.
It can be found on the corner of Main & Market Street.
Meet Tina de Beer, resident artist in Clarens

Meet Tina de Beer, resident artist in Clarens

“I was inspired to paint by Noel Brettell; an exceptionally talented and committed teacher in rural Mashonaland (Rhodesia.)
My painting style lies between realism and impressionism as dictated by the subject. Mood, light and atmosphere are the elements that inspire me with colour playing a crucial part in the creation of the painting.
I believe that one successfully paints the subjects you’re truly connected to. Where there’s passion and feeling a painting comes to life and speaks for itself without lengthy debate and analyses of its qualities.
Being an artist is where I want to be.”
Tina has exhibited all over South Africa as well as in Dresden, Germany. She has an open gallery in Clarens and offers art classes, both by prior arrangement
Connect with her: Phone: 058 256 1071 / 083 228 9258
E-mail: web:

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