Recycling Centre

Visit the Clarens Recycling Centre and you will be welcomed by Evon Els and Palo Ncala.   They are the 2 full-time Employees who both started working there in August 2013.

The center is open from Monday to Friday 07h00 – 16h00

Directions: R711

They collect from businesses in town on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

If people want to drop recycling off over a weekend at the center it can be done, as there are 2 trailers parked outside.  One trailer is parked in town behind the municipal offices. They, however, urge people not to drop garden refuse, food and/or rubbish in the trailers.

Recyclable Material

  1. GLASS – All types of bottles – any color
  2. CARDBOARD – All shapes and sizes
  3. PLASTIC – Glad wrap, bubble wrap, bread bags, grocery bags
  4. PET 1 – Plastic water bottles, soft drink bottles, food containers 
  5. PET 1 – Green bottles, Sprite
  6. PET 2 – Milk bottles, Jik …. (Any white container)
  7. TETRA PAK – Melk cartons, Juice cartons, UltraMel cartons
  8. CANS – Soft drinks

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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