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Written by Lizanne Esplin

July 15, 2020

Evon Els and Palo Ncala have run this as part of the Clarens Village Conservancy (CVC) since 2013.
Household, restaurant and other commercial waste are collected or delivered and processed 5 days a week. The Centre buys suitable waste from our Township. Cardboard waste gets pressed into bales and yields 10 x 220kg bales per month. Glass gets broken manually and yields 60 – 90 tonnes per year. Plastic and cans are pressed into bales of 80 kg, yielding approx. 3 bales of plastic and 1 bale of cans per month. These are all sold back into the trade from where they came, except the cans which are collected purely to keep the environment clean. Any household items and clothing which are received, get distributed back to the less fortunate. The income raised from the sale of the recycled material is minimal and hardly sufficient to keep the Recycling Centre operational; the CVC assists by diverting donations to the cause.
All residents and visitors are encouraged to recycle! Evon says that in order to keep the doors open, a lot bigger volume is needed and she appeals to everyone to do their bit. Monetary donations are also welcome and help to keep the centre going.
Evon and Palo say “Let us work together to keep our wonderful town and environment clean”.
Please visit for more information, or how to donate.

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