Cluny creates their own Sweepstake!

Cluny creates their own Sweepstake!

They have 1000 tickets available for sale.

Each ticket will cost R100.

Thus, R25 k up for grabs!

Why would they run a Sweepstake?

According to the spokesperson for the Cluny Animal Trust, the National Lottery Commission no longer shares funding to animal welfare charities like the Cluny Animal Trust, which prompted them to make their own luck and raise funds themselves!

This is how it will work

As of the May 1, 2019, until 31 July 2019 they will have 1000 tickets available for sale.
Each ticket will cost R100 and 75% of the funds raised will go to the Cluny Animal Trust with which much-needed veterinary services will be delivered to the animals of the poorest of the poor in the eastern Free State.

What is in it for you?

25% of the funds raised will go to a single prize winner! 
That means if they sell all 1000 tickets someone (maybe you) can win up to R25,000!

The draw will take place on 5th August 2019.

You can select your ticket number/s (providing that the number you want is available otherwise they will select one for you) and there is no limitation to the amount of tickets you can purchase.

Don’t let geography stand in your way because they can email you a copy of your ticket, so you don’t need to worry about getting a physical hard copy.

If you would like to purchase a ticket/s please contact

Clarens Tourism Forum goes to Indaba in Durban.

Clarens Tourism Forum goes to Indaba in Durban.

The Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre Complex is an events center complex located in the city centre of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


The Durban ICC has won the coveted title as “Africa’s Leading Meetings and Conference Centre” 15 times in 16 years of participating at the World Travel Awards.

As patrons of tourism, it is in our best interest to ensure that we market and showcase the tourism experiences of Clarens and its members in the Eastern Free State, South Africa.

Our dedicated team will represent the Clarens Tourism Forum at the Tourism Indaba hosted in Durban from Thursday, 02 to Saturday, 04 May. Indaba’s goal is to create a platform that allows the world to do business with Africa and business is happening. We are invited to join the Free State Tourism stand….to participate in the world renowned exhibition…

Kindly deliver your marketing material in the form of brochures, pamphlets and/or business cards at our drop off point (Clarens Xtreme) for collection by 29 April. Mark your package for the attention of Melisna Grobler or Heather Grundy.

We look forward to the show!

Please drop your brochures & business cards at Clarens Extreme for collection by 29-April-2019.

Dog Day

Dog Day

We want to build 100 kennels in celebration of Mandela Day. These kennels will be give to pet owners in the community where the living conditions of animals are less than perfect.

It can be dangerous to leave your dog outside with no protection when temperatures plummet. Every dog that’s left outside should be given the choice of using a kennel. Kennels should be watertight and protect from driving rain at the front. 

Please sponsor this initiative.

Just R150 per kennel will help us to build and provide food and a blanket per kennel.


Launch of the new Clarens Tourism Forum visitors map.

Launch of the new Clarens Tourism Forum visitors map.

Clarens Tourism Forum, CTF, launched their new map of the Clarens area and introduced the new website both designed and maintained by Joan Keyter of Protean Publishers. ( Thank you to the Clarens Golf Club for hosting this event held on the 19th February, 2019.

Tammy Hancock, a CTF committee member & Lizanne Esplin, finance for the CTF, rejoicing in a successful launch.


CTF committee members seriously discussing their next project. The marketing of Clarens is what they are about.

A few  new members welcomed to the CTF.

Cluny Animal Trust

Cluny Animal Trust

About Cluny Animal Trust

Come sink a putt to save a mutt!

It is for a good cause. Cluny Animal Trust really do good work. And if you do not play, go watch.

The Cluny Animal Trust (CAT) is a non-profit veterinary welfare organisation that was established in 2011 to serve the needs of animals owned by impoverished residents of the Eastern Free State and further afield.

CAT stems from Dr Katherine Barker’s sterilisation programme established in 2004 and it is currently run from her small veterinary clinic in Fouriesburg and her satellite practice in Clarens.

The Challenge

The sad reality is that there is a growing number of animals who receive little or no veterinary care and/or are victims of neglect, abuse, poor living conditions, lack of socialisation, dog-fighting or other forms of animal cruelty. Most recently, the very real problem that has now come to our attention is puppy-farming – which is seen as an opportunity to make a ‘quick buck’ with puppies being offered on the town square in Clarens on a Saturday morning. The poor economic climate in the Eastern Free State remains a barrier and significantly affects the ability of many pet owners to properly care for their animals.

The Cluny Animal Trust aims to:

  • End the needless suffering of animals by providing veterinary treatment
  • Educate owners in proper animal care, feeding and preventive treatment
  • Run a small animal hospital and a mobile clinic
  • Sterilise animals to prevent unwanted litters

Kwêla Dorp van die Jaar

Clarens has to win this!

SMS the name, Clarens, to 33157 before 15 March, 12:oo

Every SMS will cost you only R1.50

Lets do it!

About those polar bear plunges

About those polar bear plunges

…and what’s the best way to take the plunge? By taking a slow walk into the water…
That is what those in the know say. You are suppose to acclimate the body to the cold.
“It could be just that exercise is good for you, maybe just dunking yourself in water is good for you, or the social aspect of doing the swim in one big group is good for you.”
…and where did this idea originate from?

Polar bear plunges aren’t all that new: Russians and Scandinavians have been dipping in frigid waters for health reasons for centuries.

In many Canadian communities, dipping a toe into icy water is a New Year’s Day tradition. Vancouver’s annual Polar Bear Swim Club has been active since 1920 and usually has 1,000 to 2,000 registered participants every New Year’s Day, and  2,128 registered for the Polar Bear Swim in English Bay in 2000.

But the Nieuwjaarsduik sees at least 30 000 humans diving into the icy cold sea water at Scheveningen, The Netherlands’ main beach resort town, every year since 1960!

Stars of Sandstone 2019

Stars of Sandstone 2019

Sandstone Estates is a large commercial agricultural enterprise covering over 7,000 hectares, located on the border with Lesotho in South Africa’s Eastern Free State province, close to the Maluti Mountains and a mere 55 minute drive from Clarens. It is a hub of transport preservation.

The farm was built up by the Wille family from the 1830s, who were originally German missionaries. Today it is part of an international agri-business that produces wheat, soya beans, maize and sunflowers. It has been 100% organic since 2005. Like many farms in South Africa, it had no narrow gauge railway to transport produce direct from the fields to the main shipping ports.

As steam enthusiasts, in the mid-1990s, the Sandstone owners were approached by Alan Clarke of Transnet Heritage Foundation, who realised the foundation did not have the resources to rescue the collapsing Midmar Museum in KwaZulu-Natal. The collection formed the basis of what became the Sandstone Heritage Trust. Today, the trust’s main collection is still based around the railway transport of Southern Africa, but also covers an extensive global road transport and military vehicle collection.

The “Stars of Sandstone” 10-day event held in March, April or May attracts thousands of visitors, 70% of whom are from overseas. This year the event is to be held from the 4th – 14th April 2019.

Bookings can be done via the Stars of Sandstone website – Visitors to Stars 2019 are welcome to bring a genuine classic or vintage vehicle which will allow them to follow the trains on the farm roads. For any enquiries, please contact Dave Richardson directly on

“Whether you have booked or are still deciding about it, Stars of Sandstone 2019 is not to be missed. Have a look at their newly released videos of what this event holds in store. You should not miss it! You also have the opportunity to travel in style to the show on the iconic Blue Train, check out the details below.

A very exciting feature for Stars of Sandstone 2019 will be the arrival of a special charter of The Blue Train at the event. The Blue Train will be departing Pretoria on 3rd April at 09h00 and will be spending 2 nights at Sandstone Estates, departing on 5th April at 18h00 for arrival in Pretoria on the 6th April at 10h00. Early booking is essential and you could be one of only 52 passengers to share in the experience.

This is one of the great luxury trains of the world and has the advantage of providing its passengers with a comfortable environment, excellent food, and of course the ability to hop on and off a 2ft Narrow Gauge Railway which would be operating on an adjacent siding. Many years ago when we planned our railway, we specifically created a siding next to the Main Line Vailima siding on the National Railway Network Branch line between Bethlehem and Bloemfontein. That is where this special train will be staged. The siding is being extended by Transnet, for which we thank them, because this type of excursion would not have been on the agenda of passenger trains running between the two centres in the past. In fact, there was not even a railway station at Vailima, it was purely a commercial siding where wheat and maize FZ trucks were dropped off and collected on a regular basis. Indeed, in Sandstone’s early days, we used to load up to 1,000t of grain a day on the siding.

Most luxury trains are enjoyed for what they are, namely a trip on a train, but ours has the added advantage of spending 2 days at a world class event where there are any number of additional things to do. When the passengers have had enough, they can go back to the Blue Train, relax, sit in the lounge and watch the trains go by. They can on a whim jump off and join a passenger train about to embark for the mountains or returning to the main complex which will be a hive of activity.

There are only 52 berths on this train, so we do commend it to everyone who is considering coming down to Stars of Sandstone 2019 but who may be concerned about the lack of 5-star accommodation opportunities in the area.

We believe it will be very attractive to our international visitors, particularly those who have time constraints.

Due to the various configurations that exist, we will quote every one of our guests upon request.”

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