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The Clarens Village Conservancy, a registered conservancy established in May 2004, is a non-profit organisation run by a committee and its field rangers. Our conservancy is supported by residents of Clarens. We all care about our environment and sustainable development. The CVC manages the Clarens Nature Reserve (CNR) for the benefit of both current and future generations, drawing on the expertise of the Dihlabeng Municipality and several key organisations that work according to sound environmental principals.

Dam and Kloof Walks

(orange) 3.5km/1.5 hours

Start at the CVC gate in Hill Street or at the end of Ridge Road. Walk around the dam or take the turn-off into the Kloof at the far side of the dam wall. Take a rest on the bench overlooking the dam with mount Horeb in the background. Fishing in the dam is allowed, and the map serves as a fishing permit.

This walk is also the starting point for the SPRUIT WALK, the CLARENS MOUNTAIN TRAIL, the PORCUPINE TRAIL and the CARACAL CONTOUR.

Spruit Walk

(light blue) 2.5km/1 hour

Take the DAM WALK over the dam wall, turn right and turn right again following the blue marker. This is a lovely, mostly shady route along a crystal clear mountain stream (in summer). Cross a few wooden bridges until you reach Le Roux Street. Here the trail splits into two options (left, along the same Kloof Spruit, or right past the log cabin to the Eastern Spruit). Both join up again at the bridge in Van Zyl Street. From here, continue alongside the spruit until you reach Lake Clarens.

Clarens Mountain Trail

(light red) 3.4km/2.5 hours

Start with the DAM WALK. After crossing the dam wall, turn right and follow the path with red markers up the mountain side. On the left are sandstone cliffs with a beautiful little waterfall (summers only).

Follow the red markers further and traverse the Clarens Mountain on a contour path. You can choose the higher or lower route. This trail offers beautiful views over the Clarens Village, the Little Caledon River Valley, and the Red Mountains up to Golden Gate National Park. Descend the mountain above Berg Street, or continue on the Sky Contour Trail.

Scilla Walk

(light green) 2.4km/30 min

This trail is named after the BLUE SCILLA (Afr: Blouberg-lelie), a protected plant species with a beautiful blue flower which flowers during October. Start at the CVC gate at the top of Main Street, and follow the green markers straight ahead. You will find a bench on the left. From there you have a lovely view of the village and Mount Horeb. This route can be walked as a circular route in either direction or you can continue on the DAM & KLOOF walks.

Maluti View Route

(yellow) 700m/15 min

This route is a short deviation on the SCILLA TRAIL, onto a solid sandstone ridge from where you have a perfect view of the Maluti Mountain range in Lesotho, sometimes snow-capped during the winter months. This is an ideal vantage point to watch a golden sunset over the Red Mountains.

Porcupine Trail

(black) 3.5km/1. hour

This is for the hiker that wants to go a little further and really wants to be in the middle of nature. Bikers can follow this route coming from the SKY CONTOUR and CLARENS MOUNTAIN TRAILS.

Follow the dam trail from the CVC gate in Hill Street, then continue up the mountain with the CLARENS MOUNTAIN TRAIL (Blue Mark-ers). Once higher up, turn left at the black marker.

Follow the contour path until it joins the DAM AND KLOOF WALK above the inflow of the dam. From here, you can choose your return route.

Caracal Contour

(yellow with black) 5.2km/2.5 hours walk and 20 min cycling

The best views of Clarens and surrounding landscape, given its high elevation. The vistas from this trail are stunning. The trail has been carefully designed with conservation in mind, and is suitable for mountain bikers and hikers.

Use the DAM AND KLOOF walks to get onto the PORCUPINE trail above the dam inflow. Follow the PORCUPINE TRAIL for a short distance, then turn towards the bench on the sandstone outcrop.

Pass the bench up the mountain via a few switchbacks, then follow the contour path. Walk until the trail joins the CLARENS MOUNTAIN TRAIL.

Mallen Walk

(pink) 1.1km/30 min

A lovely and easy walk on the Clarens Mountain slope above the SPRUIT WALK. Start in Berg Street close to the junction with Van Zyl Street and follow the path towards the mountain side. Turn left on MALLEN WALK (the right-hand path is the CLARENS MOUNTAIN TRAIL). The path eventually joins the SPRUIT WALK close to Steyn Street. You can also walk any half of the trail by crossing the wooden bridge at the lower end of Le Roux Street, and turn left or right at the T-junction.

Titanic Trail

(magenta) 2km/1.5 hours

The Titanic rock is a large sandstone cliff which has the shape of a ship’s bow. It is named after the well-known passenger steamer that sank in the Atlantic in 1912. This trail takes you past Titanic and then up on the northern slope where it ends above this beautiful rock formation. From here, you can also enjoy a lovely view of the village. Start in Naauwpoort Street just north from the Maluti Lodge Hotel and follow the trail markers. A few switch-backs on the North slope of the mountain will take you to the top. Return on the same Trail, or continue on the SKY CONTOUR.

Sky Contour

(blue) 3.5 km/2 hours

The SKY CONTOUR is a 3,5km trail, joining the TITANIC TRAIL and the CLARENS MOUNTAIN TRAIL. Start with the TITANIC TRAIL and walk North to South following the blue route markers, or the other way starting with the CLARENS MOUNTAIN TRAIL.

The Clarens Golf Course Walks

Mount Horeb Climb

Report at THE CLARENS golf estate club house on the Fouriesburg Road and choose your route. You will see many Springbuck grazing on the lower side.

The Mount Horeb Climb is not a CVC trail, but is listed here for those interested in a more challenging hike, and a better view.

Book your hike up Mount Horeb with Clarens Xtreme at 530 Sias Oosthuizen Street (082-563-6242).Note that you will also have to notify two farm owners of your hike (other- wise you may just be mistaken for cattle rustlers): Neil van Schalkwyk (082-774-8814) and Daan Viljoen (083-630-8302).

Elevation at start point is approximately 1850m. Mount Horeb elevation is 2449m. Plan for 5-6 hours up and down, and take enough drinking water.


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