Did you know it’s possible to do rock climbing in Clarens?

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July 15, 2020

To many people the sport of rock climbing is unknown and for those who know it is difficult, not just to do but to understand the dynamics involved especially with all the rope work and equipment needed.
Well here in Clarens we have the solution for everyone. @ClarensXtreme has a climbing wall with a top rope system that makes it safe and easy for all beginners to put their power and nerves to the test.
If you want to get more involved into the sport @ClarensXtreme also offers an introduction to rock climbing day out on the real deal.
The huge boulders and amazing rock faces in our area have been called the hidden gem of rock climbing in South Africa so make sure on your next visit to Clarens you get in contact with our local rock junkies to experience some of our valley’s hidden gems.

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