We are going to meet the Joy Dogs…

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September 4, 2019

They also visit institutions for the therapeutic and caring aspect that they can bring. They visit physically and mentally challenged people in institutions and aged facilities.

By popular demand they started the wellness division of the JOY dogs in the second half of 2013. This is now their primary focus.

Come to the Artists Cafe between 12:00 and 15:00 and meet celebrities! The Joy Dogs will be there…Yes, Sue Green, who has always had a special interest in dogs and has been involved in dog handling and training for 20 years will be in town, with her pack of Old English Sheepdogs. She has assisted in running support groups together with a psychologist and social worker, focusing on helping people with personality disorders and psychological problems.

Apart from being glamorous movie stars, the Joy Dogs has been serving the educational sector since 2011. It has been their mission to educate learners about responsible pet ownership and safety around dogs.  

Orion is now the new Dulux Dog and features in the advert currently being flighted on TV!

Come and meet them.

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