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#ThrowBackThursday @the_courtyard_clarens

Thank you Jane and Martin Ball of the Courtyard restaurant and bakery. In the second week of lockdown you sent out a really extensive frozen food menu. What a relief to be able to pick up lovely frozen food, breads, soups, tarts and pizzas. You delivered to people who couldn't fetch and every week your menu changed. Really delicious well priced food. Lately you have added a wide variety of chopped and peeled vegetables, fruits and ready made salads.
Friday mornings saw a long que of suitably masked and standing meters apart of eager customers. Your daughters Jenna and Taryn were super helpful in packing the goods. The shop is open now and then for frozen foods like pies, sausage rolls and quiches that are not on order. Shout out to you all and thank you from the Clarens and Bethlehem customers.
PS: Jane and Martin have done everything themselves, often working till midnight.

We salute your fantastic establishment and we are grateful you are part of our amazing village!

Next time you are in Clarens be sure to support this wonderful establishment

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#winningWednesday. Visitors to Clarens are often found in awe of our clear starry nights and big bright moon. There is simply something special about the moon when it creeps up slowly into the night sky, pausing for just a few minutes to hang on the very edge of Mount Horeb before taking it’s rightful place in our night sky.
The Milky Way is thought to be some 100 000 light years away, yet one feels that it is so much more vivid and real in this place. One is almost tempted to reach out and try pluck a star out of the sky. Yet the Milky Way contains over 200 billion stars and enough dust and gas to make billions more!
Before Edwin Hubble discovered a special star known as a Cepheid variable, it was believed that all the stars in universe were inside the Milky Way. With the discovery of the Cephied variable in the late 1920’s he was able to precisely measure distances and astronomers realised that the fuzzy patches once classified as nebula were actually separate galaxies.
Clarens is fortunate enough to have several avid star gazers who often share some of their striking and beautiful images with us. They are quick to tell local Clarenites to look skywards when there are extra special moments to be shared and enjoyed like the Super Moon on the 7th and 8th April which had as a close neighbour, Mars. The International Space Station was a joint venture by 16 nations and thought to be the single most expensive object ever built at an estimated whooping cost of $120 Billion. The station is 4x larger than the Russian space station MIR and 5x larger than the US station Skylab. With speeds of 5 miles per SECOND (8 Km’s) the space station circles the entire earth once in every 90 minutes.
We take this opportunity to brighten your day by sharing a few of our favourite images with you and encourage you to post your own photos on our page.
#stars#moon #stargazing #Clarens
#Thisisus #nasa #spacestation

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