Clarens Destinations Accommodation Booking Office

Sias Oosthuizen Street, Clarens
Phone: 058 256 1542

Offers a truly professional booking and information service. Excellent local knowledge combined with years of reservations experience makes your visit to Clarens a hassle-free, enjoyable experience. For all booking requirements, including accommodation and activities, you need only make one phone call, e-mail or fax and it won't cost you anything extra!

Clarens Filling Station

Main Street, Clarens
Phone: 078 343 4105

Service station which sells fuel and oils for motor vehicles.

Clarens Pharmacy

371 Main St, Opposite Protea Hotel, Clarens
Phone: 058 256 1852

Promotion and health care are our first priority in the tourist town of Clarens.

Clarens Pro Photographer

Phone: 076 812 8953

40 Years of Experience.Multi Award Winning Photographer.1 146 Weddings successfully photographed.22 953 People Photographed.17 287 Babies Photographed.20 Years of Facilitating Photographic Workshops.

Esda Broekman Family Therapy

Phone: 071 896 2621

Family therapy.

Fairbrother Security

Phone: 083 341 5919

Security company.

Fully Connected IT & DStv

521 Sias Oosthuizen Street, Clarens
Phone: 082 336 9710


Reliable computer and network support service.

Horisani Day Spa

Main Street, Clarens
Phone: 083 595 7058

Relaxing massages and body treatments. 

Kamikazi Designs

Phone: 079 567 8050

Graphic design

Maluti Tours

Main Street, Clarens
Phone: 082 921 3894

Specializes in tours to Lesotho. Whether you prefer cultural tours into Lesotho or a relaxing getaway in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho look no further than Maluti Tours.

Mill Electrical

Phone: 073 428 2478


Mountain Breeze Pub & Diner

Sias Oosthuizen Street, Clarens
Phone: 058 256 1604

Local pub & diner.

Mountain Odyssey Accommodation Booking Office

Main St., Clarens
Phone: 058 256 1173

We offer a one-stop booking service to not only the available accommodation, but also to almost all the activities in and around Clarens.

Paballos Nursing Services

Van der Merwe St. Clarens
Phone: 082 327 1035

Post Operative Care
Home Care
Terminal Care & Family Support
Wound Care & Suturing
Nebulizing, Vital Signs & Glucose monitoring
Minor Ailments
General Checks
CPR & Stabilising patient until an ambulance arrives

Salon Norma Jeane

Main Street, Clarens
Phone: 058 256 1043

A full-service Hair Salon for all your hair, nails, make up needs.

Softnet Computer Services

Guddle Burn Farm R712 Golden Gate Road
Phone: 058 256 1086

An interface between the user and computer which is designed to make business more efficient.

Vermac Tattoos

Van Zyl Street, Clarens
Phone: 083 510 4906

Tattoos and body piercing.